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EzRx Affiliate Program
  • Posted On: October 24, 2019
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Become Part of the EzRx Affiliate Program and Jump Start Your Small Business

Not many small business can be started with zero out of pocket expense. Start earning a profit from day one with EzRx. We will pay you for saving the people on their prescriptions with a free drug discount card! Imagine the card is free to distribute and there is no cost to the consumer for using the card. EzRx affiliate program is created to help people across the United States save on FDA approved generic and brand-name prescriptions at their pharmacy. Saving range from 15% to 80% or even more just for showing the pharmacist the card.

Pharmacies accept drug discount cards because they know the value of getting a customer into the store, the customer will purchase prescriptions, but also likely buy  vitamins, dietary supplements, cosmetics, hair products, snacks, cold remedies and a lot more. EzRx affiliate program is designed to help the pharmacies get more sales. EzRx drug discount card has partnerned with over 65,000 pharmacies to negotiate drug prices and the pharmacies will pay a small transaction fee to EzRx everytime the card is used to process a prescription in which the patient saves money. We collect this transaction fee and share it with our affiliate agents.

Our affiliates/agents help drug discount card holders save significantly on each of their prescription purchases by distributing EzRx drug card for Free while earning thousands in residual income each month. We have 65,000+ participating pharmacies network all over the USA including the brand name chains such as CVS, Publix, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Safeway, Kroger, and Target.

No selling required, just distribute EzRx drug card for free

Distribute the EzRx drug card for Free, there is no selling and  you earn commissions every time your users purchase medications with your unique drug card, Distribute your personalized drug card for free to doctors’ offices, charities, veterans’ organizations, restaurants, offices, coworkers, friends, families, businesses or simply anyone else who needs help for affording their prescription medications.

Benefits for EzRx affiliate partners

  • Instant setup in pharmacy network to allow you to get started right away
  • You will earn residual income every time your EzRx drug card is used
  • A toll-free pharmacy and member helpline
  • A unique Group ID and Member ID combination to back your prescription claims
  • Customize your drug discount card with your own business information
  • Secure direct deposit payments to your bank account
  • No sign up needed to get the card
  • No personal information collected on patients

Commissions are designed to reward hard work. The more EzRx drug discount cards you distribute, the more number of cards will be in use, and more money you can earn.

Lowest Drug Price

At, we put the consumer first and the  customer is guaranteed to get the lowest price for their prescriptions. If the pharmacy has a lower price then negotiated or is offering the medication at lower cost then the EzRx cost the consumer will be charged the lesser of price. Cardholders can check drug prices on for various drugs by searching for specific drug prices such as Adipex (phentermine) drug prices, Albuterol HFA drug prices, benzonatate drug prices, tramadol, flu shots etc. for their various prescriptions to know how much they will be saving on their medication costs. One can also compare drug prices of various generic and brand medications for the lowest price and prescription savings on medications.

Offset the rising prices with extra income

EzRx Affiliate Program allows you to offset the rising prices with extra passive income. Those who want to earn part-time while staying at home or change their exhausting schedules, or supplement their social security or simply want to stay active can register for our affiliate program.

Sign up today and do not miss this the opportunity to become an EzRx drug card affiliate. Joining our group of affiatesis a wonderful business opportunity. EzRx  helps millions of Americans who are in need of prescription medications an option for a  discount on their healthcare needs. Average commission are $2 were script, and we periodically come up with exciting bonuses or contests where you will have the opportunity to earn even more.

Join our affiliates’ community

Join or affiliates’ community that is already saving their customers, members, employees, families and acquaintances on their prescription costs with our EzRx drug discount card. Register at, and get started today. Register as a prescription drug discount card agent. Our affiliate program is Free to join.

Become Part of the EzRx Affiliate Program and Jump Start Your Small Business

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