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EzRx’s Affiliate Program
  • Posted On: September 5, 2019
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Earn Extra Money By Becoming An EzRx Affiliate

With over 4.19 billion prescriptions filled in the US in 2018 and growing to an estimated 4.25 and 4.31 billion prescriptions in 2019 and 2020 respectively, there is a vital need and demand for affordable medications among  Americans.[1]

Everyone is Eligible to Use a Discount Card

As insurance policies are growing more complex there are a number of customers that may have caps on prescription spends, high co-pay’s, coverage of only certain classes of medications, or no drug coverage. In  these situations a drug discount card can help save money on  prescription medication purchases. Discount drug cards are being distributed by many different companies. These drug cards have been highly successful in helping with cost savings for uninsured, underinsured, those with a high deductible plan, and for customers with no drug coverage.

EzRx discount drug card provides cost savings on all FDA approved generic and brand-name prescriptions. The drug discount card is available free of cost with no registration required, no limits on spends, age and income. It comes fully activated and there is no waiting period for its use by the program subscriber.

EzRx Affilates

EzRx is offering its affiliates a unique opportunity to help others while earning extra income. By becoming an EzRx discount drug card affiliate, you join an important  business segment – the independent business which growth is dependent on your hard work and dedication.  When you market and distribute the medication card you get paid every time it is used.  Helping patients, colleagues, friends, and family save for free, and earning a commission at the same time.

EzRx drug card offers branded and generic medications to users of the card,  discounts ranging from 10% to 90%, making medications more affordable for Americans.  If medicines are affordable we help patients stay adherent to their treatment plans.  Helping them live healthier lives.

By becoming an EzRx drug discount card affiliate, you will be able to enjoy an attractive  passive income stream. Once, the EzRx drug discount card is presented and loaded into the patient’s pharmacy profile it will be saved into the system for their future visits.

Join EzRx discount drug affiliate program we will provide:

  • A fully functional partner website with your Member ID and Group ID
  • An EzRx Drug Discount Card with your unique group and ID
  • Unlimited coaching and support

Personalized drug cards for distribution

Free custom cards can be distributed to churches, local businesses, doctor’s offices, free health clinics, co-workers, charities, non-profits, veteran organizations, or to anyone else who will benefit from them. We will provide the affiliate a unique link that will allow your referrals the ability to print or download your unique card.   Each time your referral uses the card, they will save money on discounts ranging from 10% to 90%, while you will get a commission for saving them money. It’s a win-win situation for you; you will get paid for a product that you distributed for free!

Help people save on medicines while growing your income

EzRx pays up to $2.00 per script. Once you sign up to become an affiliate you will be assigned your on group number and ID. This card is your unique card everytime it is processed at the pharmacy you will be earning! In addition, we have a portal  where you  can easily track your commissions on a  weekly or monthly basis. Once your cardholder uses the EzRx drug discount card and saves money on their prescriptions, chances are that they will use it again and also share it with family and friends. We have more than 65,000 network pharmacies including major chains such as CVS, Publix and Walgreens, and more than 100,000, EzRx discount drug cards already in circulation. As an EzRx affiliate, you become part of an elite group of small business owners trying to  promote a healthier life for people, while creating your own successful business. The affiliate program allows you to control your hours become creative in marketing opportunities and has no start cost.

Click here to sign up today and become an affiliate. If you still have questions; simply submit our quick online form to our national sales director at to get answers to your queries.


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Earn Extra Money By Becoming An EzRx Affiliate

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