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Prescription drugs insurance plan in 2020
  • Posted On: December 19, 2019
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What to Do If Insurance Drops Your Medication in 2020

Each year, drug manufacturers and health insurance companies negotiate the coverage of medications. At times, an insurance company may decide not to cover a particular medication that it covered in the previous year. At the end of 2019, Express Scripts and Caremark, the the two biggest pharmacy benefits managers in the US, will remove around 100 medications from their formularies, which will be mostly brand-name and other expensive specialty drugs. Medications such as Viagra, Plavix and Symbiocort were already dropped from coverage in 2019.

Reasons for the coverage denial

You may be denied medication coverage at the pharmacy for various reasons, such as the medication requires prior authorization, you have reached the maximum number of refills, or a generic drug is required for patients with generic-only coverage.

You may sometimes even have to pay for the covered medications

Covered medication doesn’t mean that your insurance will pay in full for all your medications. There could be deductibles on your plan that have not yet been met. Your plan may expect you to pay the full deductible before it contributes to your medication costs.

Medications are further divided into tiers. If your medication related to heart or lungs problems, sexual dysfunction, acne, weight loss, or other medical conditions that is chronic and requires significant expenses every month is moved to a higher tier in 2020, it will impact your share of the prescription medication costs. Higher the tier more will be your out-of-pocket expenses through co-pays.

Your provider might have negotiated with some network pharmacies to serve you in your plan. If your pharmacy becomes out-of-network, your insurance may not pay towards the prescription medication. Additionally, your plan may also limit you to the first refill only, and require you to use a mail-order for all other refills.

Recommendations to save on coverage-dropped medications in 2020

If you find yourself in a situation where your insurance drops your medication, or the out of pocket cost of the medication is too high than what you expected, you can still save on prescriptions with the below recommendations.

  • Consult with your doctor about alternatives

There could be a generic equivalent for your branded medication which could be just as effective. Moreover, there could be alternative medication for your condition that is covered and can be substituted. Consult with your doctor to determine if there is a fomulary alternative  for your prescription.

  • 90-day supply

Often a 90-day supply of medication may be less expensive then a 30-day supply.

  • Patient Assistance Program

Patient assistance programs or manufacturer coupons may be available for your medication and can be helpful in reducing the cost of expensive medications you need.

  • Ask for an exception

If the medication you need is on your plan’s formulary but it is high-tier or non-preferred, you can ask your insurance company for an exception. If your request is approved, you can save money for your prescription medication by getting the price down to that of a lower tier medication.

  • Check drug prices

Drug prices are not fixed; different pharmacies charge different prices for the same medication. Often, you may be able to get your prescription with a drug discount card for less then your copay. You can check drug prices online at for the lowest prescription drug price to save on prescription drugs.

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What to Do If Insurance Drops Your Medication in 2020

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