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Birth Control Pills
  • Posted On: May 25, 2023
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Ways To Get Discounts On Birth Control Pills And Other Prescription Medications

Affording birth control pills can be tough for many people on a budget, as prices keep fluctuating every now and then. The Affordable Care Act raised hope among women that they could significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses on their contraceptive spending. However, with the Supreme Court ruling that employers could not opt out of the coverage entirely due to religious or moral objections, the cost of contraceptives spiked.

But there is good news. Regardless of your health insurance, you have options to reduce your birth control costs. You can explore the below options:

Consult your healthcare provider

Birth control pills are available in two varieties – the first one, known as a minipill, is formulated using hormone progestin, while the second variant of contraceptives contains a mix of progestin and estrogen hormones. However, some categories, like those containing iron, those designed to shorten or eliminate your periods, and certain progestin types tend to be more expensive, or come with higher copays. You can ask your healthcare provider to exclude these pills to reduce your costs.

Planned parenthood

Planned parenthood can provide you with advice and possibly low-cost options. You can also have an examination of your body, as contraceptives can be dangerous if you have certain body conditions. These could be ineffective with certain medications. You can also get preventive screening to stay updated on important health related issues.

Call your pharmacy

Call your pharmacy to find out if they offer discounts on contraceptive pills. For a small annual fee, many companies offer prescription savings plans. Some pharmacies offer coupons to provide medications at a discounted price. Many local pharmacies also honor medication discount cards, while some drug manufacturers have programs that provide partial or full coverage for out-of-pocket expenses. Ask for suggestions from your pharmacy, as they can tell you about local programs that can help, and also prescription apps that can help you save money.

Work with your insurer

You can also work with your insurer, they might have a preferred retail pharmacy, or offer discounted mail-order prescriptions. You might be able to secure a 90-day supply of contraceptive pills for the price of a monthly retail fill.

Look at government-run programs

Some government-run programs provide free or discounted birth control pills. Some plans will also cover your healthcare visits, including preventive care and family planning. Contact your state or county health department, as you might qualify for Medicaid.

Use medication savings card

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Get your free and activated card

Get your free EzRx medications savings card by sending the keyword phrase “EZRX” to phone number (844) 774-6337, and begin using it right away, as the card is provided activated. You can use your EzRx medication savings card for unlimited fills and refills of contraceptive pills and other prescription medications, as there are no caps on the card. You may find the card particularly useful for all those medications that are excluded from your health insurance plan, or that have higher copays. EzRx prescription cost savings card can be used to save on medication costs with insurance, as it is not a health insurance program.

Ways To Get Discounts On Birth Control Pills And Other Prescription Medications

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