Best Drug Discount Cards

Best Prescription Discount Cards

Best Drug Discount Cards and their Unique Benefits for You

A drug discount card provides discounts on prescription medicines. You simply walk into a pharmacy, present your card, and pay much less than the retail price of a medicine. You can even check drug prices online on the medication discount card provider’s website for the lowest price of your prescription medications. You may enter the zip code of your area for an accurate listing of prescription medicines near you. Most of the medication savings cards can be either printed, texted or emailed.

Here, we have provided a brief description of the 10 best and popular prescription drug discount cards that you may find useful to save on medications you use for your various medications. The discount cards can be used for you, your friends and family, and even pets.

EzRx Drug Card Logo

1. EzRx:

EzRx drug discount card is available to everyone for FREE. The prescription medication discount card can be used at over 65,000 pharmacies all over the USA including big box names such as CVS, Target, Walgreens, RiteAid and Winn Dixie. Unlike other discount cards there is no need to sign up, just download the card to your phone. Present your EzRx medication savings card to the pharmacy to claim an instant discount of up to 75% on various branded and generic prescription medications you use every day. The prescription savings card can be used by underinsured and insured to save on medications as it may offer a better price than your copay. You can also use it for savings on prescriptions for the medications excluded from your health insurance plan. To get your free EzRx digital drug discount card, text the keyword phrase “EZRX” to phone number 21000. You can download your free digital drug discount card on your Android or iOS. The card can also be shared with others including family members, friends, colleagues and relatives to help them also save on meds. EzRx prescription cost savings card comes free with lifetime validity.

GoodRx Logo

2. GoodRx:

The drug savings card provides you online and mobile search tools to provide discounted medications price. It also offers free prescription coupons to help you save on medications. You can also sign up for alerts on its mobile app or website when the price of a medication drops. It offers GoodRx Gold subscription program through their monthly membership program which costs $5.99 per month for individuals or $9.99 per month for up to 5 family members.

Save On Meds Logo

3. SaveonMeds:

SaveonMeds drug savings card can be used to save on all prescription, over-the-counter medications, pet medications and medical supplies at no charge. SaveonMeds prescription savings card can be used as an Albuterol discount card, flu discount card, Adipex prescription savings card, Benzonatate saving card, flu vaccine discount card, or as a discount card to save on prescription medications. There are no limits on prescription fills or refills, no limits and no expiration date. The free prescription discount card is offered to all without any regard to age or income. It can be used even if you have insurance as the card works independently of your insurance. It is offered for free with lifetime validity. To get your digital drug discount card, text the keyword “Saveonmeds” to phone number 21000. The card can be used to save on pet medications, share it with your friends, family, colleagues and relatives. Just present your card to the pharmacist to save up to 80% on prescription medications.

ScriptSave WellRX Logo

4. ScriptSave WellRx:

The card can help you save up to 60% on the cost of prescription medications. Uninsured and those with Medicare Part D can especially benefit from this drugs’ savings card. While there is no cost to use this card, you still must pay for your prescriptions. Medications’ prices keep changing daily, so exercise diligence while filling prescriptions to get the lowest medications’ prices with this card.

SingleCare Logo

5. SingleCare

The healthcare company is headquartered in Columbus. The card can be used for discounted medical care, dental, vision and telemedicine visits. The company is not affiliated to any pharmacy benefits manager and provides you lower drug price by cutting the middleman. No prior authentication, quantity limitations and formulary exclusions apply with this card.

Remember that prescription savings cards are not insurance, these are simply medical discount plans that you can use instead of your insurance. You cannot claim double discounts from your insurance as well as your card. You can use either your health insurance or medications’ savings card. However, you may want to use your prescription savings card in most cases as you may be able to save more than what you will pay as copays with your health insurance. Moreover, a drug discount card, such as EzRx drug card or SaveonMeds drug discount card can be used to save on prescription drugs in all cases, whether you have an insurance or not, age, health condition, or income status.

As the drug discount cards are offered with lifetime validity, you can use them with no expiration and stop worrying about refill limits or renewal charges. You can also consider participating in the discount drug card affiliate programs of EzRx drug card and SaveonMeds drug cards. You will be provided your own free prescription savings cards that you can distribute to your colleagues, friends and family. Each time the card is used you will earn a commission. This way, you will have a steady source of passive income all through your life. This is an easy way to earn extra money and help people in your community save on prescription medication.