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EzRx Drug Card Saves up to 75% on their FDA approved prescription medications.

The EzRx discount card has a network of over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, including independents and major chains such as CVS, Walgreens, Target and Winn Dixie. On average the EzRx Drug card saves cardholders upto 75% on their prescription medications.
Since EzRx Drug card is not insurance there are no membership fees, deductibles, or maximum limits. The card works on FDA approved medications and there are no formularies or restrictions on coverage. Cardholders simply present their card and start saving on their medications.
We have made it possible for anyone to build a successful business with No Start Up Fees. Simply Distribute the ExRx Drug Card and beginning collecting commission.

Earn up to $2.00 Per Fill

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How Do You Earn With the EzRx Affiliate program?

How the Card Works


The cardholder can simply present their EzRx Drug Discount Card when they drop prescriptions off at the pharmacy.

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The card is already activated and ready to use and contains all the information the pharmacist needs to process the claim.

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Obtaining savings is simple with no age limits, income requirements, membership fees, or waiting periods.

Once the card is loaded into the patients profile it will be saved for future prescriptions.

Becoming an Affiliate of the EzRx Drug Card

By becoming an EzRx Drug Discount Card Affiliate, you are joining a team of individuals dedicated to helping people save money on their prescriptions. The number of prescriptions filled each year continues to rise, and with complicated insurance plans the use of drug discount cards can help people save money.

By distributing the EzRx Drug Card to your family, friends, and co-workers, they can take advantage of savings at the pharmacy every time they have a prescription filled and
you can earn a commission of 40% (up to $2.00) per prescription.

We recommend you try the EzRx Drug Card yourself. Click here to text, print or email the card. Once you see the savings it will be easier for you to distribute the card.
EzRx Drug Discount Card
Becoming an affiliate is a great opportunity to help people save money and live a healthier life. Simply distribute the card and you will be on the way to earning extra money while helping others save on their medications. Remember, once your referral uses the card and saves money, they will likely use the card again which means you collect a commission on every refill. Give the cards to churches, doctor, offices, restaurants, charities, businesses, schools, and coworkers.
Being an Affiliate for the EzRx Drug Card is free, quick, and easy. When do you get a chance to make a profit with absolutely no startup cost? We will provide you with your own website link, if needed we will provide 1000 printed EzRx Drug cards to begin promoting your card. Set your Sales goals and BECOME AN AFFILIATE TODAY.

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