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Asthma Medication Savings Tips
  • Posted On: June 10, 2020
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Asthma Medication Savings Tips During the Warmer Summer Days

Asthma, the chronic lung condition is a danger all year long as it doesn’t take a day off. Every time of the year brings its own set of challenges for asthma sufferers and their families. If you want to keep your asthma symptoms under control during the current warm days of summers, you should pay attention to the seasonality of this life-threatening condition.

A laid back attitude toward asthma medications can be dangerous during summer times. The patients that do not take their asthma medications during summers are likely to experience serious asthma symptoms in the fall and make frequent emergency room visits, especially by children and young adults.

Higher humidity in the air worsens your existing asthma symptoms and even triggers a dangerous attack. Every additional rise in the temperature during summer months can increase the risk of an asthma attack.

Knowing how to manage Asthma in summers will help avoid asthma symptoms and enjoy even the hot summer days. So, here we have come up with some summer care tips for asthma patients:

  • Avoid hottest parts of the day; plan your outdoor activities early in the morning.

  • Avoid the heat altogether. Stay inside especially if the pollen count is high and you have allergies. Dust, allergens, smoke and pet dander are other potential sources of allergies that may trigger asthma symptoms.

  • Keep your bug repellant ready as the bug attack, and the shock of a bee sting or wasp attack can trigger an asthma attack.

  • Avoid the notorious campfire and grill out. Stay indoors as these may trigger an asthma attack.

  • Heat and humidity trigger asthma symptoms and also worsen allergies. Keep your asthma reliever such as Albuterol HFA inhaler with you, because you never know when asthma symptoms may strike you in extreme heat.

  • Stay hydrated and take fluids throughout the day.

  • Also, do not store your asthma medications in areas of high humidity, such as bathroom, kitchen cabinet near the dishwasher, and bathtub. Do not expose your medications to direct sunlight as it reduces their potency.

  • Stay cool. Sit under the air conditioner, do swimming and relax between activities.

Short-acting medications such as Albuterol HFA inhaler should be used only in the case of immediate relief. Long-acting asthma medications need to be taken regularly to reduce inflammation in the lungs and prevent asthma flare-ups.

Do not keep medications in your car – Keep these points in mind during summers

Do not keep your medications in places that become too hot, such as the glove compartment or trunk of your car. The temperature in the car interiors can rise up to 160° in summers, which may have an adverse effect on their potency. Albuterol inhalers for asthma can explode when stored in temperatures above 120°. When traveling in a car with your asthma medications, keep them in the climate-controlled interior of your car. At high temperatures, the inhaler delivers less of the medicine than at room temperature. In fact, any medication contained in an aerosolized container can explode in temperatures over 120°. Do not leave your asthma medication inside your car. Take it with you even if you leave briefly.

Inhalers kept in temperatures outside of their recommended range exhibit a decrease in the particle size, shot weight and dose per actuation. However, drug delivery from Proventil HFA and Ventolin HFA MDIs have been shown not to be significantly affected when stored outside of the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range.

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Asthma Medication Savings Tips During the Warmer Summer Days

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